It’s been too long since I posted. Not because I have followers, or anyone who really cares, but because it helps me. It’s a purge–things that have been weighing me down are brought out in the open, all without having to scream at people I love, or people I go to church with, or people I work with.
The video is your Christmas bonus. I found it recently and have since watched it…..several times. I did not realize that you could do a legitimate music video when you did not sing only played one single instrument. Guess that’s easy. Just find two other people! But I’ve always thought of Josh Bell as snobby, upper-class music. This isn’t. And I love violin. And Christmas carols.
I’m so glad it’s almost Christmas. The break is amazing. I’ve been needing to take more breaks. I’m not that old, I think, just bogged down from several consecutive years without really taking a break. Instead, breaks have become the time to catch up on cleaning, finish a project, sort out my closet, read a book that I don’t really, really want to read, but I really *should.* This year, when I’m given a break, I’m trying to savor it. Try a new tea, read a new book that I really want to, watch a movie that I’ve been dying to, write, sing: all the things that I never really have time to do. This Christmas break I am seriously considering jumping into the Lord of the Rings books. That way, I can read the books, have the last movie come out, then marathon the movies. That is way cheaper than going to all the movies anyway!
I’m just so glad it is almost Christmas!


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